Jun 10

Bye Bye Royal Gramma

Over the last Month, the agression of our Royal Gramma has elevated to the point of no return. After experiencing World War III first hand last night in the Tank I had to devise a plan to remove the Gramma.

Agressive Royal Gramma

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Removing this fish was going to be the next battle…

Over the period of a week, I had began noticing that the gramma always “sleeps” in one specific cave in the live rock. In order to remove it, I waited until lights out, immediately the Royal Gramma went into his hole.

I grabbed a net and covered the only exit, removed the entire peice of rock (Thank god it was one near the top) and placed it in the sump over night.

The next morning he was placed in a bag and brought back to the store for a credit!

Apparently these species of fish are mostly peicefull. The owner at the LFS said that they never see that type of agression coming from the Royal Grammas.

Maybe we had an extreme case, but we are glad we got him out.  As a result, the tank is lacking some colour. We are going to be adding a new colourful fish in the upcoming weeks. Possibly another type of Basslet or Wrasse.

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