Aug 06

Bye Henry

Henry (Click to enlarge)

Henry (Click to enlarge)

After a long extensive battle through Ich. Our favourite fish went to his ocean in the sky. Henry, our Kole Tang baddled ICH on and off for about a month.

You can see his two pages here:

Kole Tang Update
Kole Yellow Eye Tang (Ctenochaetus strigosus)


  1. Kyle

    Hello, I was thinking about adding this fish to my tank. I would like to talk with you about your qt process as it has obviously worked. Mine too (which is on hold at the LFS) is 3″ or less. They look identical. The one I plan on purchasing has been at the LFS under my observation for a little over 2 weeks. He will usually run and hide when I walk up but after a few seconds will peak out and take back off after he realizes I am not inside the tank. My qt tank is the typical 10g tank with 2 air stones and plastic decorations. What did you qt yours in? I am planning on qting him until he swims to the glass when i walk up as he signals he is trained and trust me. I assume this will take roughly 6-8 weeks. I obviously will have to treat him for ich but I am very worried if he can even live in this 10g tank for 2 months. The tank he is in now has been partitioned and isn’t much bigger then my qt tank. Also I am very worried about the move from the qt tank to the display tank. How did you do it and did yours get ich from the move? I can’t take the chance if yours did as it is a reef tank and I do not trust reef safe ichs meds. Please email me so we can begin a dialouge on your experience and suggestions for this fish. Thanks, Kyle

  2. Joseph

    My Kole tang took months before he trusted me.

    I would do the qt process only to ensure he is not carrying any diseases and parasites and eats all foods.

    Let him get used to tank life and your company in the display tank.

    My qt is a 12 gallon nano cube from jbj.

  3. Joseph

    Also I do not trust reef safe meds. The ones that work kill other things because they contain copper and the ones that don’t work don’t do any harm to your tank. Neither of which is beneficial.

    If my new fish has ich I will treat with hypo salinity at 1.009 for 5-6 weeks.

    Once the parasites are gone I will do a routine prazi pro treatment to make sure the new fish doesn’t have flukes.

    One the fish is eating and lookin healthy I will do water changes in the qt with my display tank water. This way I don’t have to accliamate the fish when I put him in the dt.

    Hope this helps!

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