Feb 11

Does Interceptor Affect Anemones or Snails?

I recently noticed many red bugs on my Acropora SPS corals. After ordering Interceptor for 51-100lb dogs (Which is the most common treatment), I noticed that I couldn’t find definitive answers as to whether or not it will affect anything else in the tank.

Here is a picture of the coral with viewable Red Bugs:

Click to Enlarge

Once I dosed my aquarium I have come to the conclusion that it will not affect anything other than your Hermit Crabs and Cleaner Shrimp. I have heard rhumors that Copper Banded Shrimp will survive but I don’t have one and cannot confirm.

Therefore it is safe to say that you can dose your entire reef tank with interceptor and not worry. Just remove your hermits and cleaner shrimp prior. You can re-add them a few days after you run carbon and do a 20% water change.

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