Jun 29

Tank Redesign in Progress

Stay tuned for a new tank!

After figuring out the issue with my toxic algae and diminising tank conditions was attributed to metal magnets mounted to rubble rock which I acuired at a frag swap was leaching into the tank for months, I have decided that some improvements were necessary and that I will be completely re-starting the tank from scratch!

It sounds extreme but here is what’s in the plans:

  • New Reef Octopus Cone Skimmer
  • No more metal halides (Upgrading to 60′ 8 bulb ATI powermodule)
  • Auto top-off connected to RO-Unit with 3 failsafes incorporated with Neptune Systems Apex
  • New aquascape to allow better flow
  • Automatic Alkalinity and Calcium Dosing with Randy’s 2 Part recipe connected to Neptune Systems Apex

Stay Tuned for photos!

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