Apr 11

QuietOne 3000 Pump not Reliable

I’ve had a quietone 3000 pump for about a year now. It’s been running 24/7 with regular cleanings of the impeller shaft. Last night, I had a brief power blip due to a thunder storm and the pump doesn’t seem to be able to start up again.

After a close inspection of the impeller shaft and all moving parts, everything seems ok. When plugged in, the pump doesn’t seem to be able to turn the impeller at all. After a bunch of hits with a blunt object, sometimes it will start.

Once it’s on, it will stay on until it is powered off again. This is very unreliable for me so I’m looking for a replacement.

Stay tuned!


  1. Amanda

    you have a great reef. very nice website too!

  2. Monica

    I agree. I think all qiuet one pumps are unreliable.

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