Sep 14

Hanna Calcium Checker Review

Hanna Calcium Checker Handheld Colorimeter

Hanna Checker, Calcium

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of follow-ups lately. I haven’t had the time necessary to post something worth while for a few months now.

I purchased the HANNA Instruments “Handheld Colorimeter” to measure Calcium. I’ve always dreaded doing the standard titration tests that all hobby grade test kits have out there. There is so many steps, so many delays between those steps and the margin of error on the syringes is huge. It’s guesswork to get within 25PPM in most cases depending on how big your drops are and how patient you are titrating.

With the Hanna Calcium Checker, you don’t need to do any titrations. There are still two reagents to mix (one liquid and one powder) but the overall process is much easier and the manual says that the guage is within 25PPM anyways. So it’s just about as accurate as the titration tests seem to be.

The overall process of doing a test doesn’t take very long, and the sample used from the aquarium is a tiny .1ML (so for those of you that are running NANO tanks and hate taking out a cup full of water to do a test, this is much easier to do test repeats in-case you do something wrong.

Keys to Success

Make sure you have RO/DI water on-hand as you need it to calibrate the colorimeter at the beginning of each test, and make sure that you take your time opening and adding the powder packets as the cuvrettes have a small opening.


I’d say this kit beats a titration test any day of the week. Not to mention, the price is only slightly higher than the typical Seachem Calcium kit I used to use. In Canada this kit is $49.99 (Seachem titration kit is about $35 depending on the store).

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