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Apr 18

Moved, Downsizing the 120 to a 57 Rimless.

57 Gallon Deep Blue Rimless

As the title says. I recently moved, so I will be downsizing the 120 gallon to a Deep Blue 57 gallon rimless 3′ tank with middle overflow. I’m going to take a bunch of photos of the old tank before I start the moving process. I haven’t really updated the blog in a while, so …

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Sep 14

Hanna Calcium Checker Review

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of follow-ups lately. I haven’t had the time necessary to post something worth while for a few months now. I purchased the HANNA Instruments “Handheld Colorimeter” to measure Calcium. I’ve always dreaded doing the standard titration tests that all hobby grade test kits have out there. There is so …

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Jun 29

Tank Redesign in Progress

Stay tuned for a new tank! After figuring out the issue with my toxic algae and diminising tank conditions was attributed to metal magnets mounted to rubble rock which I acuired at a frag swap was leaching into the tank for months, I have decided that some improvements were necessary and that I will be …

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Feb 11

RBTA Healed from Powerhead Incident

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Here is an updated photo of my RBTA 3 months after it crawled in a Maxi Jet 1200 and almost got completely shredded. You can view my post to see what happened by clicking here.

Dec 30

Just Ordered a Neptune Systems APEX Controller

Will post more info when it gets here and I can install it!

Dec 21

Built a DIY Refugium & Lighting

After reading the inspiring article from Mark Levinson’s website. I decided to build a refugium in my sump to create some extra nutrient export. The overall goal of this venture, is to create some additional nutrient export and hopefully help reduce some of the algae outbreaks I’ve been having in my Display Tank. Since the …

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Oct 10

RBTA Crawled into a Powerhead :-(

Things aren’t looking to good for my RBTA. I woke up this morning and he had crawled into my MaxiJet 1200. I’m going to slowly let him crawl out and see how it goes.

Jun 10

Kole Tang Update

It’s been a while since we have posted updates on our Kole Tang! I am happy to say he is loving life. Eats like a machine, loves all of the algae on the glass and has his own unique personality. Without a doubt my personal favourite in the tank! Here are some updated pictures:

Jun 10

Bye Bye Royal Gramma

Over the last Month, the agression of our Royal Gramma has elevated to the point of no return. After experiencing World War III first hand last night in the Tank I had to devise a plan to remove the Gramma. Removing this fish was going to be the next battle… Over the period of a …

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