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Feb 11

Does Interceptor Affect Anemones or Snails?

I recently noticed many red bugs on my Acropora SPS corals. After ordering Interceptor for 51-100lb dogs (Which is the most common treatment), I noticed that I couldn’t find definitive answers as to whether or not it will affect anything else in the tank. Here is a picture of the coral with viewable Red Bugs: …

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Jun 22

Aussie Acan Added Today!

Just found a great Acan coral at OttawaInverts.ca. This coral typically grows very flat but I found one that is in a nice ball shape! From input I’ve gathered on ReefCentral so far it seems to be a rare find! I purchased it mostly because of it’s bright Red colour. It opened up right away …

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Apr 14

Frogspawn Coral (Euphyllia paradivisa) Added April 9 2009

Hey everyone. Yet another coral has been added to the tank! This time it’s a Frogspawn (Euphyllia paradivisa) which was purchased from Marinescape on April 9th. This is an awesome LPS coral that fully opened the same day it was put in. One of the main tank characteristics for housing this coral is that it …

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Mar 16

Green Brain (Trachyphyllia Radiata) Added March 13

The first LPS Coral. About The Green Brain: The Wellsophyllia/Trachyphyllia Brain Coral is a Large Polyp Stony (LPS) coral, often referred to as the Pacific Rose Coral, or an Open Brain Coral. It is easily collected from the reef because when mature, they are not attached to the substrate. Therefore, it is often found washed …

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Mar 08

Our first Coral: Green Star Polyp Clavularia viridis

Just added yesterday! Purchased from Marinescape for #39.99 Some information on Green Star Polyps Scientific Name:     Clavularia viridis Classification:         Soft Coral Common Names: Green Star Polyps Description: Green Star polyps are small bright green polyps connected together by a rubbery purple colored mat.  Open during the day, retracted at night or when disturbed. Natural Environment: …

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